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              Detail 1

                                               "Glencoe Forest and River"

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            "Glencoe Forest and River" 
        Original oil & mixed media on canvas
                       76cm x 76cm

   (US $)

This painting has been framed - silver and dark wood. If you require further images please email me. Video below illustrates frame.
               Detail 2

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   (US $)

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New !!!! - 14 Day Trial Period

Trial any of my original paintigs for 14 Days

How it works:

1. Purchase a painting for you own     living space or business interior.

2. Painting will be delivered to you (free P&P)

3. Hang the painting on your wall for 14 days

4. If for any reason the painting is not suitable     for you - return the painting back to me and     I will reimburse your payment.
    (You will only be responsible for return 
    P&P costs)

For people living in Singapore I will personally
deliver Art Works to you and collect if required.

              Terms and Conditions
              Purchasing Art Works
            in Singapore and Overseas