Artist statement:

Originally from Scotland, Niall McWilliam is now based in Singapore where he is working as a full time artist. He paints contemporary themes which enable the spectator to draw upon a variety of experiences. He aims to conjure moods which his audience can share and enjoy. Niall has developed his painting techniques allowing a layering of materials which are built up creating a visual depth to his work. Currently he is combining oil painting, collage and mixed media within his work. His themes revolve around narratives which have been created through extensive research on street scenes in Singapore. He has also identified the same approach to his portrait series which have an enabled a narrative and story to be told about the subjects in the paintings

Since moving to Singapore, Niall has embraced the country with its rich diverse culture. He has been stimulated by the vivid colours, the incredible mix of architecture and the daily lives of the people within Singapore. All the elements he has recorded reflect a slice of life within the environment he has chosen to record. Each painting evokes a mood and a moment in time which he hopes the spectator can recognise and enjoy.

“My initial recordings for my projects are mostly achieved through the camera. I am very keen to use all my own material and findings to build a narrative within each painting. The street scenes in Singapore can be so diverse and I try to depict the unique style of the area through pictures, collage, mixed media and oil paints".


     Date of Birth 7th March 1961

    Studied at: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art Dundee 1982-1986,
    BA Hons Fine Art Drawing and Painting
    1 year General Design/Graphics Ceramics Sculpture & Painting 3 year specialised course in Fine Art B.A.
    Hons Fine Art Drawing and Painting Awarded 1986

    Exhibited: 1984 Aberdeen Art Exhibition
    Exhibited: 1985/86 R.S.A Student Art Exhibition
    Awarded: 1986 John Kinross Fellowship (Italy 3 months)
    Awarded: 1986/87 Elizabeth Greenshields Scholarship ($8000.00)
    Exhibited: 1986 One Man Exhibition "Torrance Gallery" Edinburgh

    July1986 - June 1988 Started on 1 year Self Employment Artist Government Sponsored Scheme:
    Creating  Art work (Illustrations /Water Colours) Oils and Drawings to Commission
    July1986 - June 1988 Visited Canada: To explore potential Markets for Art Work, namely Illustration and
    Design (Through recorded images Photography & Drawing)
    August 1988 - Feb 1988 Worked on commissions - Illustrations namely: Water colours, Oils and Acrylics     (Scottish landscapes)
    March 1989 Building up Port Folio of Illustrations and material to show as examples of work to
    Advertising & Graphic Agencies
    March - Sept 1989 Graphic Design Assistant Printing Firm "Ferry Press" - Preparing Camera Ready
    Designs, Designing Stationary     Logos and T Shirt Design and Original Art Work.
    September 1989 Commenced Employment at Edinburgh University Civil & Environmental Engineering     Department Employed as a  "Tracing Officer"
    Napier University Edinburgh 1994-1997 MSc in Multimedia Technology
    1997 MSc in Multimedia Technology awarded
    1st May 2000 Started in Business as a full time Artist

    Exhibited: August 2000 Joint Exhibition (Scottish Landscapes - "Hook Line & Sinker")
    Exhibited: March 2001 Joint Exhibition (The Torrance Gallery)
    Exhibited July 2001 Artistic License, London
    Exhibited: December 2001 The Torrance Gallery Christmas Exhibition
    Exhibited: December 2001 The Peter Potter Gallery Christmas Exhibition
    Exhibited: December 2001 The Leith Gallery Christmas Exhibition
    Exhibited: March 2002 “Jango’s” restaurant Edinburgh
    Exhibited: May 2002 Peter Potter Gallery Joint Exhibition (3 Contemporary Scottish Artist’s)
    Exhibited: August 2002 Howie’s restaurant joint exhibition
    Exhibited: October 2002 Creeler’s restaurant Solo Exhibition
    Exhibited: December 2002 “The Torrance Christmas Exhibition “
    Exhibited: February 2003 Royal Bank of Scotland “Art in The Park” Holyrood Palace joint Exhibition.
    Exhibited: March 2003 Hilton Glasgow “Art for Charity” exhibition
    Exhibited: April 2003 “Nick Nairn’s Restaurant Glasgow    
    Radio Interview - May 2003 Radio Scotland Arts Lunch Time Show
    Exhibited: July - August 2003 Hilton Dublin & Belfast “Art for Charity” exhibition
    Exhibited: From November 2003 "Austin Lafferty Gallery - Glasgow"
    Exhibited: April - May 2004 "The Torrance Spring Exhibition"
    Exhibited: May 2004 "Peter Potter Gallery"- Haddington
    Exhibited: June – July 2004 Macmillan Cancer Relief Edinburgh Art Show
    Exhibited: December 2004 Torrance Gallery (Christmas Exhibition)
    Exhibited: December 2004 Peter Potter Gallery (Christmas Exhibition)
    Exhibited: December 2004 The Westgate Gallery – North Berwick
    Exhibited: February 2005 The Leith Gallery – “Burn’s Exhibition”
    Exhibited: March 2005 The Affordable Art Fair London (Leith Gallery)
    Exhibited: March 2005 The Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: April 2005 The Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: June – July 2005 Macmillan Cancer Relief Edinburgh Art Show
    Exhibited: June 2005 Stirling Art Gallery
    Exhibited: July - Sept 2005 The Leith Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: October 2005 The Agora Gallery (New York)
    Exhibited: October 2005 The Morningside Gallery and Stirling Art Gallery
    Exhibited: January 2006 The Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: February 2006 The Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: March - April 2006 The Torrance Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: May 2006 The Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: May 2006 The Westgate Gallery North Berwick
    Exhibited: May 2006 The Peter Potter Gallery Haddington
    Exhibited: April - June 2006 The Torrance Gallery Spring Exhibition
    Exhibited: September 2006 W.I.F.I.L Gallery Shipston on Stour (Warwickshire)
    Exhibited: October 2006 The Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: October 2006 Solo Exhibition The Westgate Gallery North Berwick
    Exhibited: December 2006 The Morningside Gallery (Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: Jan/Feb 2007 with Scotland Art (Glasgow & Edinburgh)
    Exhibited: March 2007 The Affordable Art Fair London (Scotland Art)
    Exhibited May 2007 New British Artists
    Exhibited May 2007 Newcastle Art Fair (New British Artists)

    From 2010 - 2015 I have worked full time as a School Assistant at Merchiston Castle School.
    During this period I have also been working steadily building portfolios of work - I have supplied
    major lawyers and finance companies recently where numerous works have been purchased.

    Moved to Singapore Feb 2016
    Began Art Work in Studio Space Ubi Road, Singapore Feb 2016
    Moved to New Studio in Cowerkz on Geylang Road, Singapore Feb 2017
    Exhibited: May 2017 One Man Show Cowerkz Gallery Space, (Singapore)
    Exhibited several paintings at the Queen's Birthday Celebrations - British High Commissioners Residence
    in (Singapore) June 2017
    Exhibited: May 2018 Assisi Hospice Charity Event (Singapore)
    Exhibited: August 2018 Hvala in Chijmes (Singapore)
    Exhibited: February 2019 Parallax Art Fair (London)
    Exhibited: November 2019 Saint Andrews Society Ball - Shangri-La Hotel (Singapore)

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