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I was approached by the Manager of Vanguard in Singapore to design and paint a picture that reflected his staff's accounts of Singapore. The whole process was extremely unique for me and very rewarding. Initially I met with all the staff to record their thoughts on Singapore and what were the significant things for them living in this Country. I then translated their accounts and created a mixed media collage, oil and acrylic titled "Reflections of Singapore". I was also asked to design five small paintings to hang outside of each of the office rooms. The titles of the rooms were chosen by the staff "Partnership, Victory, Vision, Trust and Inclusion".
  Preparation for the new office space in the financial district of Singapore November 2017     

Vanguard office space completed.
                                                             Five designs to hang outside the office rooms representing "Vision, Partnership, Trust, Victory and Inclusion".

Reception to celebrate the opening of Vangaurd's office in Singapore - I was invited to display the commissioned work as part of the celebrations.
                                                                                                                                                                                        A loveley tea set that Vanguard kindly presented to me.

                                      "Reflections of Singapore" - final commissioned work for Vanguard.
                                                   Vanguard have since moved their office space to Hong Kong - https://www.vanguard.com.hk