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    After my invite to the Singapore Saint Andrews Society Ball in November, I agreed to donate a commissioned piece of work to one of the society members. The result was a    "Memory Board" piece of art work which depicted meaningful, personal slices of life relating to the society member. We worked together over a period of time exchanging    ideas until I was given the freedom to layout a design on his behalf. The memory boards have pushed me in a new direction where personal information is shared and then    illustrated on canvas using collage and acrylic.
Ken kindly wrote the following on his FB page as a testimonial on my behalf:

"Just before the weekend I met with the incredibly talented Singapore-based Scottish artist Niall McWilliam, whose artwork I had purchased at a recent auction held by the Singapore St. Andrew's Society. After months of fun chats and painstaking sourcing and compilation on his part, he has produced this highly personalised and beautiful collage artwork, based on my bonkers life! Everything gets a mention in there, places and things which are meaningful to me alongside various secret little "Easter eggs" that I still have to figure out! Personally, I am absolutely thrilled with it!

PM him if you love it and want something similar; but UTTERLY UNIQUE; for yourself or a loved one! It would make for an outstanding wedding or birthday gift! "

  If you are interested in having a personal commission of a memory board produced - please contact me on +65 9107 9683 or email: niall@mcwilliam-art.com
  I am keeping all my prices unchanged during the lockdown period - therefore memory board prices will still start at S$1200.00 (framed).