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My first exhibition in Singapore at Cowekz where I also have my studio. Cowerkz is a co-working initiative where several businesses share working office space. I was very fortunate to be able to hire space here and have established my studio since January 2017. Cowerkz were very supportive and allowed me to hang my paintings permanently in the public space areas effectively giving me my own gallery. The next stage was allowing me to have an exhibition in May 2017. It was a great opportunity for me to network further and share my art to a wider community.

                 Press Release and accompanying images:

                 Niall McWilliam’s first solo exhibition is currently being held at CoWerkz on
                 Geylang Road titled “From Scotland to Singapore”. The Private Preview
                 was held on Saturday 27 May 2017 and was attended by The British High
                 Commissioner to Singapore Scott Wightman and his wife Anne.

                 Left to right: Stanley Ng, founder of CoWerkz Pte Ltd, Scott Wightman,
                 Anne Wightman, Niall McWilliam, Steven Ong, Managing Director of
                 CoWerkz Pte Ltd.

             Niall moved to Singapore just over a year ago and has produced a new body
             of work based on his observations of multiculturism in Singapore. He has translated
             a series of work using oil and mixed media. Recently Niall has been working on
             “narrative portraits” which tell the story or theme surrounding the subject who
             volunteered their time. The portraits reflect a slice of the subjects life which the artist
             translates in a unique way.  Included in the exhibition are also a series of works
             of Scottish landscapes and seascapes before he moved. The exhibition concludes
             on 12 June 2017 – it is being held at “CoWerkz” 259A Geylang Road, Singapore
             For further details and to arrange an appointment and viewing please contact the
             artist on: (M) 9107 9683 or (E) niall@mcwilliam-art.com.