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            Description of Artist Subject Matter and Influences

            Scotland has been a constant focus of interest to me and I have researched numerous areas around its coastline.
            The areas are so changeable in their moods and its unlimited source of subject matter will always lure me to return.
             I have tried to reflect the remoteness of the coastal areas but also the endearing quality of tranquillity.

             When painting my landscape views I have found a more simplified approach to treating the subject matter looking
             at the broad areas of colour which represent the changing mood of the scenery. The introduction of materials
             also within my painting has given me a new vigour towards the work. I am beginning to focus on the relationship
             of how colour mood and movement all combine to encapsulate an atmospheric effect.

             Rather than translating a view pictorially I am keen to represent the relationship between the land and the sea.
             I am looking more closely at the rhythms of the sea and its influences on the coast and shoreline. Smaller
             close up views can be rendered in a larger scale and I am fascinated by how nature can continually change
             and affect the landscape.

            Recently I was fortunate enough to travel to China and have found a new source of inspiration. I am currently
            working on views where I recorded images of carp found in ponds situated in the grounds of Chinese temples
            and public gardens. I also have been observing the street life of major cities within China and recording daily activities.

            Initially I was drawn into the colour and movement of the fish similar to the way I have been treating my
            coastal landscape themes. During my research of the significance of carp within Chinese culture I have
            discovered the importance held by Chinese to different living species.

            The treatment of my Chinese paintings is different in that I am looking more closely at the figurative aspects
            of the fish. However I am still incorporating the previous techniques applied to create movement and atmosphere
            within the painting. I am also reflecting the significance of themes which are associated with Chinese culture.
            The carp is a symbol of hard work where people can change their circumstances through endeavour.
            It is a strong visual analogy with the fish swimming in large numbers throughout the pond. The colour and
            movement are visually stimulating to me and I am developing similar themes within my work.

            Now that I have moved to Singapore I am embracing the environment which is diverse in culture. I have been stimulated
            by the vivid colours, the incredible mix of architectures. Particularly I was drawn to the Indian and Chinese temples.
            My latest collection of work is based on the interiors of Chinese and Indian temples. The elements which combine
            with the colour and moods has stimulted a new body of work for me. I have also been looking at the Chinese cultural
            festivals - this has encouraged me to research the significance for people attending such festivities.

            It is my hope that the spectator can experience the same moods and feelings that I endeavour to capture
            when I translate the subject matter I paint. It is very rewarding for me to hear that people who have purchased
            my work find something different to see within my paintings every day.

            Niall McWilliam

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